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O-Ring Groove Calculator

Piston Seal

'Piston' styled O-ring grooves are commonly used static & dynamic O-ring sealing configurations. This page specifically concerns static (unmoving) and dynamic (moving) reciprocating Piston O-ring seals.

The purpose of the calculator below is to serve as a groove calculator for Piston Seal O-ring grooves using all AS568*, JIS, common metric, and custom O-ring sizes. 

* Please note that some AS568-0XX  O-rings have atypical cross sections. Please see our General Groove Guide for more information, or feel free to get in touch with our engineers if you have any questions. 

Canyon Components FFKM Kalrez & CanRez O-rings

Piston Seal Design Guide

Engineering Support

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Canyon Components FFKM Kalrez & CanRez O-rings
O-ring Piston Seal for static and dynamic applications
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