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Low Temperature Viton™ (FKM GLT, GFLT, XLT) Selection Guide

Low temperature Viton™, a type of fluoropolymer elastomer, is renowned for its excellent resistance to chemicals and ability to perform in extreme environmental conditions, including low temperatures. This webpage provides an overview of the different types of low temperature Viton™, highlights its advantages and disadvantages, and examines its use in various industrial applications, especially focusing on O-rings, gaskets, and custom parts.


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Common names include: FKM (Fluorocarbon), Fluoropolymer. Trade Names: Viton™, Fluorel®, Technoflon®, Dai-El®, FEPM.

Low temperature viton, glt, gflt, xlt O-ring

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Low temperature viton, glt, gflt, xlt gasket

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Features of Low Temperature Viton™

  • Chemical Resistance: Exceptional resistance to oils, fuels, lubricants, and most mineral acids, making it ideal for harsh chemical environments.

  • Thermal Range: Although primarily known for high temperature resistance, low temperature Viton™ maintains good mechanical properties at significantly lower temperatures than standard FKM materials.

  • Durability: Known for its durability and longevity, reducing the need for frequent replacements of O-rings, gaskets, and custom parts.

  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications due to its strength and chemical compatibility.

Limitations of Low Temperature Viton™

  • Cost: More expensive than many other elastomers, due to its specialized properties and performance advantages.

  • Limited Flexibility: While improved, low temperature Viton™ is still less flexible than some other low temperature elastomers like silicone or PVMQ.

  • Color and Appearance: Typically available in fewer colors and finishes, which may be a consideration in applications where aesthetics are important.

Please consult a Canyon Components Engineer about your specific application and we will use our decades of experience to formulate a solution that fits your need.

Key:    1 = Excellent    2 = Good    3 = Poor    4 = Not Recommended

Industrial Usage of Low Temperature Viton™

Low temperature Viton™ is a versatile, durable material essential for creating O-rings, gaskets, and custom parts that need to withstand harsh conditions without compromising performance. Its ability to operate under extreme cold and resist aggressive chemicals makes it an invaluable material in critical applications across various industries. Despite its higher cost and somewhat stiffer composition, the benefits of low temperature Viton™ often outweigh these challenges, making it a preferred choice for many high-stakes environments.

Canyon Components strives to meet all customer service requests. Feel free to contact Canyon Components engineering and let our knowledgeable staff help you design the perfect part for your needs.

Please consult a Canyon Components Engineer about your specific application and we will use our decades of experience to formulate a solution that fits your need.

Crucial for O-rings, gaskets, and custom parts in systems exposed to extreme cold and harsh chemicals, including offshore rigs and refineries.

Oil and Gas Industry

Employed in the production of seals and valves that must operate reliably in the presence of aggressive chemicals at variable temperatures.

Chemical Processing

Utilized in fuel system seals, O-rings, and gaskets where resistance to biodiesel, fuels, and lubricants is critical, even in cold climates.


Provides essential components such as O-rings and seals that can withstand both the chemical exposure and temperature extremes encountered in aerospace applications.


Used in equipment in renewable energy installations, particularly in cold environments where chemical stability and material integrity are paramount.

Energy Sector


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