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Platinum Cured Silicone (VMQ, PVMQ)

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Platinum cured silicone, known for its exceptional purity and performance, is a preferred material in various industrial applications. This type of silicone uses platinum as a catalyst, resulting in a product with superior physical properties compared to other curing methods like peroxide curing. This webpage explores the different types of platinum cured silicone, their advantages and disadvantages, and their wide range of industrial uses.


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Common names include: VQM (Silicone), PVMQ Trade Name: Silastic®, Elastosil®, Thermoflex®, Wacker, DOW Corning, DOWSIL.

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Features of Platinum Cured Silicone

  • Purity: The platinum-catalyzed cure system in platinum Cured O-rings, gaskets, and custom parts eliminates byproducts like volatile organic acids, making it safer for medical and food applications.

  • Enhanced Mechanical Properties: Platinum Cured O-rings, gaskets, and custom parts offer better tensile strength, elongation, tear strength, and compression set compared to peroxide cured silicone.

  • Temperature Resistance: Platinum Cured O-rings, gaskets, and custom parts are capable of withstanding both high and low temperature extremes while maintaining the materials elasticity and mechanical properties.

  • Transparency and Aesthetics: Platinum Cured O-rings, gaskets, and custom parts can have a clear to translucent appearance, which is beneficial for applications requiring visual monitoring or aesthetic appeal.

  • Biocompatibility: Platinum Cured O-rings, gaskets, and custom parts meet stringent standards for biocompatibility, making the material suitable for surgical and other medical applications.

Limitations of Platinum Cured Silicone

  • Cost: The use of platinum as a catalyst makes it more expensive than other curing methods.

  • Sensitivity to Contamination: Can be inhibited by certain materials and chemicals, which can interfere with the curing process.

  • Limited Adhesion: Generally exhibits lower adhesion properties to other materials without surface treatment or the use of adhesion promoters.

Please consult a Canyon Components Engineer about your specific application and we will use our decades of experience to formulate a solution that fits your need.

Industrial Usage of Platinum Cured Silicone

Platinum cured silicone stands out for its superior properties and versatility, making it a highly valuable material across various industries and the production of O-rings, gaskets, and custom parts. Despite its higher cost and sensitivity to contamination, its benefits like high purity, excellent physical properties, and biocompatibility justify its use in critical applications. As technology advances and the demand for high-performance materials increases, the role of platinum cured silicone is expected to grow even further, solidifying its place in the forefront of material science.

Canyon Components strives to meet all customer service requests. Feel free to contact Canyon Components engineering and let our knowledgeable staff help you design the perfect part for your needs.

Please consult a Canyon Components Engineer about your specific application and we will use our decades of experience to formulate a solution that fits your need.

Medical Devices

Platinum cured silicone is extensively used in the production of medical implants, tubing, catheters, and seals due to its biocompatibility and stability.

Food and Beverage

Its purity and resistance to microbial growth make it ideal for food-grade tubing, molds, and seals in food processing equipment.

Aerospace and Automotive

Employed in making seals, gaskets, and hoses that can withstand extreme temperatures and environmental conditions.


Used for encapsulating electronic components due to its excellent insulating properties and resistance to environmental factors.

Consumer Products

Often found in household items where non-toxic and durable materials are required, such as in kitchen utensils, bakeware, and baby products.


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