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Canyon Components CanRez Kalrez Viton O-rings and custom parts gaskets

Datasheet Database

AA150-70 Datasheet

Parker® AA150-70 ACM, 70A, Black, Engines & Transmission Seals

AA154-75 Datasheet

Parker® AA154-75 ACM, 75A, Black, Engines & Transmission Seals

AF70BK00 Datasheet

AF70BK00, AFLAS, Black, 70A

AF75BK00 Datasheet

AF75BK00, AFLAS, Black, 75A

AF80BK35 Datasheet

AF80BK35, AFLAS, Black, FDA, USP VI, 87, 88, 80A

AF90BK00 Datasheet

AF90BK00, AFLAS, Black, 90A

AF90BK01 Datasheet

AF90BK01, AFLAS, Black, 90A

B0318-70 Datasheet

Parker® B0318-70 Butyl, 70A, Black, General Purpose

B0612-70 Datasheet

Parker® B0612-70 Butyl, 70A, Black, Vacuum, Low Compression Set

C0267-50 Datasheet

Parker® C0267-50 NEO, 50A, Black, MIL-G-1149 Ty I Cl I, AMS 3208, Low Temperature

C0557-70 Datasheet

Parker® C0557-70 NEO, 70A, Black, Drive Belt Applications, General Purpose

C0873-70 Datasheet

Parker® C0873-70 NEO, 70A, Black, Refrigerant Gases, Low Extractibles, Low Compression Set

C0944-70 Datasheet

Parker® C0944-70 NEO, 70A, Red, General Purpose

C1124-70 Datasheet

Parker® C1124-70 NEO, 70A, Black, AMS 3209, Low Temperature

C1276-70 Datasheet

Parker® C1276-70 NEO, 70A, Black, Super Neoprene, Low Compression Set

C1278-80 Datasheet

Parker® C1278-80 NEO, 80A, Black, Super Neoprene, Low Compression Set

CL172-70 Datasheet

Parker® CL172-70 NEO, 70A, Black, Internally Lubed

CP60BK00 Datasheet

Canrez, CP60BK00, FFKM, Black, HT, 60A

CP75BK01 Datasheet

Canrez, CP75BK01, FFKM, Black, HT, Steam, 75A

CP75BK02 Datasheet

Canrez, CP75BK02, FFKM, Black, FDA, HT, 75A

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