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Canyon Components CanRez Kalrez Viton O-rings and custom parts gaskets

Datasheet Database

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AF70BK00 Datasheet

AF70BK00, AFLAS, Black, 70A

AF75BK00 Datasheet

AF75BK00, AFLAS, Black, 75A

AF80BK35 Datasheet

AF80BK35, AFLAS, Black, FDA, USP VI, 87, 88, 80A

AF90BK00 Datasheet

AF90BK00, AFLAS, Black, 90A

AF90BK01 Datasheet

AF90BK01, AFLAS, Black, 90A

CP60BK00 Datasheet

Canrez, CP60BK00, FFKM, Black, HT, 60A

CP75BK01 Datasheet

Canrez, CP75BK01, FFKM, Black, HT, Steam, 75A

CP75BK02 Datasheet

Canrez, CP75BK02, FFKM, Black, FDA, HT, 75A

CP75BK04 Datasheet

Canrez, CP75BK04, FFKM, Black, FDA, USP VI, 87, 88, 75A

CP75BK20 Datasheet

Canrez, CP75BK20, FFKM, Black, FDA, UHT, LCS, 75A

CP75BK31 Datasheet

Canrez, CP75BK31, FFKM, Black, UHT, LCS, 75A

CP75BK91 Datasheet

Canrez, CP75BK91, FFKM, Black, ULT, 75A

CP75WH12 Datasheet

Canrez, CP75WH12, FFKM, White, 75A

CP75WH18 Datasheet

Canrez, CP75WH18, FFKM, White, FDA, USP VI, 87, 88, 75A

CP80BK00 Datasheet

Canrez, CP80BK00, FFKM, Black, 80A

CP80BK03 Datasheet

Canrez, CP80BK03, FFKM, Black, Chem Res, Ultra Steam, 80A

CP80BK21 Datasheet

Canrez, CP80BK21, FFKM, Black, FDA, USP VI, 87, 88, AED, NACE, Ultra Steam, 80A

CP80BK78 Datasheet

Canrez, CP80BK78, FFKM, Black, LT, 80A

CP80WH01 Datasheet

Canrez, CP80WH01, FFKM, White, Semicon, HT, LT, 80A

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